Trivia Guy

Quizzing With Fun Jokes & Puns

Who said trivia games need to be just quiz questions and answers?

Do you want jokes, puns and to have loads of fun while you play a trivia game? Well, let’s have a look at Trivia Guy.

Trivia Guy is your host in the comedy quiz game with questions in 7 trivia categories; general knowledge, entertainment, music, sport, history, geography and literature.

There’s 100s of trivia questions to play, with facts about loads of the best-loved movies, TV shows, music acts, sports and much, much more!

You’ll go from being quizzed on Game Of Thrones and then on to Shakespeare, then from Olivia Rodrigo to Monterey Jack cheese! You see, it’s as varied as you can get!

The aim is to increase your TGIQ (Trivia Guy IQ) to genius level!

Laugh out loud at the jokes as you learn loads of new facts to entertain your friends with. With the level and scope of the trivia facts you’ll discover, you’ll be the best guest at any dinner party. Is this game going to make you more popular? Well, you’ll know who invented the T-Shaped Squeegee, so I’d guess you are going to be making loads of new friends!

You can play Trivia Guy quizzes against a timer, so it’s more challenging with the chance to earn big points, or quiz in zen mode for the times when you just want to chill out. It’s going to be the new IQ craze to Trivia Guy And Chill with friends in your free time!

Do you want a hint about what I’m going to mention next? Yes, it’s hints! Stumped by a trivia question? I suggest you take a hint and remove two of the possible quiz answers to make it a 50/50 chance – and those are great odds!

Want a fun character to use as your avatar? Who wouldn’t?!? So there’s some fantastic characters to reflect the beautiful person, or werewolf, you are!

I love a short description, so let’s do one for Trivia Guy!

  • Play 100s of fun and challenging questions, packed with silly jokes and puns
  • Play a quiz against the Timer, or in Zen mode for those relaxing times
  • Boost your Trivia Guy IQ (TGIQ) as you become a trivia genius!
  • Quiz your way to fun achievements
  • UK / USA spelling, so you know I know how to spell!
  • Change the text size, so the game is more comfortable to play

Trivia Guy is free to play with adverts.

There’s only one IAP and that allows you to remove ads, gives you free hints, and shows you like my work!