Join your quiz host Brain Box to play Trivia: Brain Box Quiz! as he asks you fun trivia questions!

Trivia: Brain Box Quiz! is a full throttle, IQ brain testing, 100% trivia experience.

There’s 100s of questions, including the likes of…

  • Movies: from classics (The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather) to modern (The Batman, Uncharted)..
  • TV: so many shows, including Stranger Things, Ted Lasso, The Mandalorian, Squid Game, Friends..
  • Music: through the ages, Vivaldi, Elvis, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, The Weeknd..
  • Marvel: Shang-Chi, The Avengers, WandaVision..
  • Sport: football, tennis, golf, athletics..
  • Geography: countries, capitals, populations, oceans and seas..
  • History: presidents, royals, inventions, conflicts..
  • General: computing, fashion, world records..
  • Science: chemistry, physics, biology, space..
  • Nature: our planet, animals..
  • Art: Vincent van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Banksy..
  • Literature: Harry Potter, Dickens, Shakespeare, E. L. James..
  • much, much more – questions are added on a regular basis!

All the game’s trivia questions have been written by me, fully checked and verified.

Inclusivity is kept firmly in mind when I’m writing trivia questions, and that gives me a wonderfully varied selection of quiz topics. I’m also very open to suggestions, so check below for contact options!

Trivia: Brain Box Quiz features…

  • 100s of hand written, researched and verified trivia questions for all ages
  • Hints, remove one potential answer
  • Options, change the way you play the quiz
  • Timer/Relaxing, play against a Timer, or choose Relaxing play for no pressure quizzing
  • Normal/More Challenging Quizzing, three or four choices as the answer to the quiz question (Full Game unlock)
  • High Scores, can you learn all the answers and best your score?
  • Challenges, test yourself and your brain and IQ will thank you!
  • Music, fun tunes to listen to, or turn them off in Settings
  • Themes, change the look of the game to suit your mood
  • Avatar Designer, design your character with billions of possibilities!
  • Play for free, you quiz with tickets which you can earn by watching video ads when you choose to
  • Full Game Unlock – the only IAP in the game – turns off ads and adds extra gameplay features. It also gives you an extra life to play a quiz with!

(The IAP helps me to keep developing games, and I can’t thank players enough if they choose to support my writing!)