My name is Steven McDade and I’m a solo developer who makes mobile games for iOS and Android.

I reside in Central Scotland, and live with my lovely other half Gillian. Gill helps me with the games, and checks for the numerous typos that I create during a working day.

If you like trivia then you have come to the right place!

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My Latest Game

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Join your quiz host Brain Box to play Trivia: Brain Box Quiz! as he asks you fun trivia questions!

Trivia: Brain Box Quiz! is a full throttle, IQ brain testing, 100% trivia experience.

There’s 100s of questions, including the likes of…

All the game’s trivia questions have been written by me, fully checked and verified.

Inclusivity is kept firmly in mind when I’m writing trivia questions, and that gives me a wonderfully varied selection of quiz topics. I’m also very open to suggestions, so check below for contact options!

Trivia: Brain Box Quiz features…

(The IAP helps me to keep developing games, and I can’t thank players enough if they choose to support my writing!)