Welcome, Comedy Lover

It’s great to see you here. Consider me your friend. You know, the type of friend who never gets in touch unless they want something from you.

My name is Steven McDade, obviously or I made a big mistake when I bought my web address.

I write comedy, mobile games and apps.

I reside in Central Scotland in the United Kingdom, and live with my lovely other half Gillian who helps with testing my apps.

My first game Mister Smith & His Adventures, a select your path adventure game, was originally published by Ayopa Games and is now self published.

The follow up to Mister Smith, Trivia Guy, is a comedy trivia game.

After that, I attempted to allow anybody to make creative artwork with Easy Art – Create With Shapes.

Coming soon is a sequel to Trivia Guy Quiz, with Trivia Guy Quiz: True Or False.

All my games are free to play and supported by IAP to help me keep writing more!

There’s a contact button at the top of this site if you wish to get in touch with me.